The Zombie Survival Guide

Book: The Zombie Survival Guide
Author: Max Brooks
Rating: 4/5

To Kill a Zombie

When my friends introduced me to this book, I thought it must be a work of humor written to make light of the world we now live in. Instead, I've come to the conclusion that this is one of the few books that have survived the trials of history, written long before the zombies and their vampire overlords left the shadows and engulfed the globe.

These pages include extensive information on zombies. The author covers the virus that consumes a human brain, kills the host's consciousness and (shortly after the body passes) re-animates it into a ghoul--they who are the children of Nzambi. It includes ways to survive, areas to avoid and how to defend against the living dead. It even includes ways to hunt them, giving lengthy details all combined with a sense of humor that can only have preceded "The Rise".

To all those who still live, don't pass up the chance to read this book. It may make all the difference between life... and my machete thru your skull.

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