Free Download - The Salt

"The Salt" by Tarran the Tailor
Do you know what gypsy crunk is? Have you heard Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Watcha Clan or That Handsome Devil? Shhiiiiiiiht, y'all prolly don't even know what a Wawa is. Well, at least for the moment, one of Canada's finest gypsy crunk producers has put his latest work (and first full album) up for free download on BandCamp here.
<a href="">THE SALT by Tarran the Tailor</a>
Wait. I mean, no... not wait... go download then come back. Back? Okay, you seriously don't know what a Wawa is? I don't even know what to do with that. I mean, it's like the gas station that every other gas station should aspire to be. Add fast food to that, as any service place could learn a lot from a Wawa. Hell, I don't know how it hasn't taken over the whole world yet. Road trip your ass into the North-East U.S. and pull off in Jersey (watch those jug-handles) and just ask someone where the nearest Wawa is.

Only Warning: Don't pull off in Camden.

Anything You Synthesize

"Anything You Synthesize" by The American Dollar
Video produced by OneSize, available for free download here

Standing in Silence, Pt 3

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Video by Matt Pitt, free download here

Song ("Standing in Silence, Pt 3") by Rhian Sheehan

"Standing in Silence" is currently only $7.99 from Amazon