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The triptych, no:53

The stone and brick, no:47

The walking lesson, no:35

acrylic, canvas, 64.8 x 73 cm, no.:4481

Pearl Harbour, 2006, acrylic, canvas, 50 x 61 cm, no.:9159

Brontosaurus civitas, no:12

Underwater commotion, 2003, pastel, paper, 47 x 59.5 cm, no.:4656

Pocket jungle - Bathroom, 2003, pastel, paper, 48 x 60 cm, no.:4538

Autumn, no:8

NEW AGE MANHATTAN, 2004, pastel, paper, 47.5 x 59 cm, no.:9187

Fantastic barn, 1999, pastel, paper, 46.8 x 58.5 cm, no.:5317

Praire House, 2005, pastel, paper, 47 x 59 cm, no.:7637

[re-presented with permission]

with thanks to Gaea for introducing me

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