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An Interesting Life

Quick, fashion a climbing harness out of cat-6 cable and follow me down.

I would like to add to this an excerpt from Neil Stephenson's
"The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" [Amazon]

An interesting life

I don't wish you health nor happiness
I don't wish you peace nor freedom
But upon all who live I do wish an "interesting life"

Vintage Star Wars Posters

Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters
by Steve Thomas

Cruise the Galaxy
[$] Cruise the Galaxy

Rogue Squadron Air Show
[$] Rogue Squadron Air Show

Kessel Run Tours
[$] Kessel Run Tours

Coruscant Imperial Shuttles
[$] Coruscant Imperial Shuttles

Mos Eisley Desert Classic
[$] Mos Eisley Desert Classic

Scavenge Across Tatooine
[$] Rebel Transport Inc.

Scavenge Across Tatooine
[$] Scavenge Across Tatooine

Visit You Should
[$] Visit You Should


R/D Music

R/D at Club Nexus [foto by Curious Josh Photography]

R/D on/ine - :[Main Site]: - :[SoundCloud]: - :[Facebook]: - :[Twitter]:

R/D, one of the up and coming dubstep and tech-hop artists of our time, took on Burning Man in 2010 and quite literally tore the desert apart. His progressions are amazingly patient, building up energy into explosive beats... all overlaid with haunting melodies. It was a unique experience that the desert's not soon to forget.

Fever Ray - I'm Not Done: R/D's remix of "I'm Not Done" is how most people have come to know him, so it's only right that you do the same:

...click to download

Love Up's: R/D released the double-track digital download "Love Up's" in May 2010 just after his Fever Ray remix. It really gave a peak into the progressive dubstep style he was building on. Here are both tracks:

...free download from here on BandCamp

The Face of God EP: "Face of God" gave R/D his first hit beyond the world of remixing. Nadine Risha's vocals intertwined with the deep bass to make the title track a "must hear" for anyone who loves electronic music.

...download "Stadium Chimera" for free from here on BandCamp
...buy the EP for $2.97 from here on BandCamp

Return to Remixing: R/D's return to remixing in Fall of 2k10 came with two explosive mixes. Many at Burning Man heard early versions of these in the desert. One is a remix of "Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul" by The Glitch Mob. It will be appearing on the "Drink the Sea" remix album, as R/D is friends with the Mob and was once roommates with edIT and Ooah. The other remix was of "Third Eye High" by Oscura & Eastern Sun. I've already bought the latter and am itching to get his Glitch Mob remix. I actually prefer his remix to the original. Any long-term readers may remember that "Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul" was one of only two songs from "Drink the Sea" that I said to pass on [ref]. Well... R/D's remix turns it entirely around for me. We wants it!

...$0.99 from here on Amazon

...release pending, stay tuned...