Spiritual Enlightenment: the Damnedest Thing

Book: Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing
Author: Jed McKenna
Rating: 5/5

Amoral Spirituality

What is no-mind? Everything! It is the one no-thing above "things" that matters. So simple and small a thing, yet what an integral shift as to be irreversible. This singularity of an event within the self--this alone--is enlightenment.

McKenna sets out to draw the line between mysticism and enlightenment, continually journaling multiple experiences that serve to calibrate the reader to this perspective. Those attached to any belief that is not based on paradox or balance should either steer clear or enter into this reading prepared to break.

For fellow epiphany junkies, cook up the needle and crack this baggy open. This is one of the best batches I've injected in or out of rehab clinics. The choice phrase of "The First Step" I have already adopted to describe just that--a person's first step outside of themselves, beyond attachment and into an awareness of the absolute.

Jed does not directly comment on the last gate ("last" because there are no doors beyond it that cannot be opened). He does, however, mention the experience of returning only to find his discarded ego where he'd left it. Putting it back on is like taking on the part of a character in a play, except those who've not passed through the gate believe the play to be reality.

It is, again, as if you are simply wearing your own skin.

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