V for Vendetta

Movie: V for Vendetta [Amazon DVD] [Amazon Blu-ray]
Director: James McTeigue
Rating: 5/5

warning: spoilers

Penny for the Guy?

I haven't read the graphic novel. I expect this lends a great deal to why, for me, this movie was bloody soul-striking.

I'm a revolutionary, not an anarchist. Given the choice between statism and anarchy, however, I'd take anarchy in a heartbeat. "V for Vendetta" is the tale of one man's vengeance with the ultimate aim to liberate a nation, running in tandem with the existential journey of the woman who is forced to take his side. They are V and Evey.

Incorrectly marketed as an action movie, this is more a drama and an obvious political commentary on the state of the world. To me, the most important aspect of this story is the journey of Evey, who begins the movie living a life of fear. Her journey begins with a flight out of terror, until she is forced the face her fear and, eventually, her death.

When at last she is given death, the growing parallels throughout the movie combine, until the visions of V's breaking and Evey's breaking unite in fire, in water, in screams and in tears. In this moment, I knew that I loved this movie.

Others will follow what is purported as the main story until its end, marked by its own inspirational terror and beauty. The price of blood is blood, and the character V is one of flesh and blood. Knowing this, the end is apparent.

To revolutionaries, anarchists and all those who have ever broken entirely only to find something "else" just behind the curtains of life--this movie is waiting. To those seeking an action movie with car chases and bullets firing in every other scene, this movie will disappoint.

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