About Me

I'm a lover of art, be it architecture, painting, sculpture, music or fashion. Art is life. Or, as Trent Reznor states it: "Art is resistance". I try and spread the art I love the most to others. As an activist, I also try and spread messages fighting for individual rights (often Libertarian). I figure I can't save my own lifestyle from those who attack it... but I can help others.

Since you did click "About Me", I'll at least spill a bit about myself. I'm a hitchhiker (illegal) with girlfriends in multiple states (some in the same city, illegal as well) who smokes cloves (illegal) and does drugs (illegal). While I'm native to the U.S., I try and export my a$$ as often as possible. Or, if in Italy, I usually end up getting "deported" instead of exporting myself. Silly Italy.

I prefer spending time amongst the homeless; with hitchhikers, hobos, graffiti artists (aka, taggers) and runaways. I try and promote underground artwork from these communities whenever possible, but I can't resist running larger features on artists that have really inspired me.

I'm from the new tribe... the last great tribe of man. We're born of the dust of the desert and we bring a light into the darkness of the night that only our other tribesman can see. We breath music, bleed design and live at all costs, oozing and dripping talent on the pavement where we sleep. I'm a creature of horizons. I can hear the ocean from thousands of miles away. It calls to me... quietly... calming me.

I hear her call. I miss the ocean. I know one day she'll take me back, sinking into her dark embrace... and there to dream... there to sleep... 'n in that darkness... eternity.

Maybe I'll dream another me.

Much love,
~LamatKan, "The Way Out Is Within"

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