New Lighting for Burning Man 2014

We are throwing out the last bit of our glow sticks, and replacing them with wearable LED lighting, clothing, jewelry, and the like.
This will be my ninth year at Burning Man. Slowly, I've been trying to replace my lighting in the darkness of the night with more long-term renewable lighting. Here is the list I just ordered that we are bringing with us this year to Black Rock City, Nevada. And, keep in mind, this is list is for two people.

)'( I CAN NOT WAIT ! !! ! )'(

Eight bracelets that come in different colors:

On Amazon dot Com

LED Slap Bracelets. We are getting four in red:

On Amazon dot Com

2 sets of 2 Red LED Shoelaces for our waterbags:

On Amazon dot Com

And one moon and one star LED Light Necklace:

On Amazon dot Com

And, finally, Black and Red LED Watches:

On Amazon dot Com

That one actually comes with two, with one being blue. I'll be taking the red one.

For my tenth anniversary burn next year, I'll be building one hell of a bar, with the extraordinary Lili Glitch building it and running it with me.

The desert calls. In dust we trust.

Burn bright, y'all... and stay lit!