Urth Caffe

Honey Vanilla Latte from Urth Caffe. This cup of coffee says quite a bit about the place. The presentation is spectacular. You love just looking at what you're about to eat and/or drink. Also, the restaurant itself is beautiful to look at. After taking a sip, the bold latte is a true delight. The only possible complaint is at how sharply sweet it is.

This cup comes at a cost, however. The coffee and food are quite expensive, although the quality has never once let me down. You're not being robbed at gun point. There are other negatives beyond the price, however. In fact, they post most of these rules on each table. The other rules they seem to make up as they go along. The rules make it starkly apparent that the owners see customers primarily as a cash flow, and that the table you may be taking up is costing them money.

I've included a full list of the negatives (as well as rules) in my review on Yelp here. When in the Santa Monica area, don't pass up the chance to stop in to Urth Caffe. Just remember the heavy costs and don't let them make up any rules that aren't on the table or on the wall. They'll run out of writing space eventually.