The Emperor's New Groove

Movie: The Emperor's New Groove
Director: Mark Dindal
Rating: 5/5

The Emperor's New Groove Drinking Game: For fun and adventure, my brother Tristan developed "The Emperor's New Groove Drinking Game". There are two variations. The hardcore variation means taking a shot every time you hear the word "Kuzco". The way to build up to the hardcore method (aka, "The Lightweight Llama") is to take a shot whenever you hear the word "Llama". I had to add this, as Disney accidentally left this information out. Everything else has been included. You can always substitute wine if hard liquor ain't yo thang.

Warning: Do not take a shot BOTH when hearing "Kuzco" AND when hearing "Llama". Rumors say that lesser humans have died trying this. Don't make the same mistake.

Disney's Demon Llama...

I was once an anti-fan of Disney. "The Emperor's New Groove", by my reckoning, marks the temporal moment when Disney went wrong. So wrong that it's right! In fact, I am firmly convinced that those giving the green light to these projects, as well as those clearing projects for release, were out of their brainwashed Disney gourde when making and releasing this movie. Thank the Incan gods for that!

To repeat the warning: "Beware the groove!" Groo-oo-ooove... Never have I laughed so hard during a Disney toon. As I've now introduced this movie to so very many people, I had the opportunity of being there for my blood-sister to turn to me and ask, "I don't like this guy. Am I suppose to like this guy?"

"No, no you're not. Not at all!"


Robert said...

I've watched this movie so many damn times, and never though of making it a drinking game.

Thank you.

Lamat Kan said...

Definitely. Just be sure to only take a shot on either (but not both) of the words; either "Kuzco" or "Llama". The latter is the lightweight version, as the opening song has "Kuzco" over and over in it. It's definitely a new experience when watching the movie!