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DJ Shadow - Blood on the Motorway (HF Zero vs HF Prime Mod)
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HF Zero vs HF Prime - Chad's House
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"Yards" [excerpt]

I will sometimes observe the contents
of that cup,
curiously holding it up to the sun--swishing the
liquids into a

And at the end of the day, when I have
nothing left to do,

will often wonder at
it means--

fluid actually represents.

It seems the only things I do know anymore, is that,
when I step
underground, I am proud--

that, when I pour water into a glass,

I am happy,

and that when I shower in the evening, with the idea of
another day

I will think of the fountain,

and smile.

"Perplexis" [excerpt]

Perplexis lives at three-o-nine
West Chiltonberry way
with her seven older brothers
who do nothing everyday.

(Now, for all of those unaware of
how a 'nothing' is defined,
it's really just a synonym
for life without surprise.

--and, if surprise is what we use
to keep our lives intriguing,
then nothing's just a state of mind
where something's always fleeting.)

So, everyday Perplexis walks
to school and then to work,
where her mind is always busy
and her brothers do not lurk.

For, though she loves her brothers
more than anyone could know...
--with every inch they sink to waste
it tears apart her soul.

It seems each passing moment
strikes a thousand listless hours.
As Lexis watches helpless as
her brothers' minds go sour.

So, walking home from school one day,
consumed with riotous anger
Perplexis formulates a plan
to free them all from danger.

--and on the morn of Halloween
with jacket-bundled-tightly
She gives away her precious things
and sets upon the highway.

For waiting round with 'hopeful' thoughts
has worn away her patience.
Thus Lexis now has set upon
the trek to reparation.


HF Jelly

HF Rox

[re-presented with permission]

with thanks to Skybreak for introducing me

[2010.06.24] - Updated "Perplexis", turning it into an excerpt to better fit the many different versions of the poem. Old audio player died. Updated and added the new Zero vs. Prime track.
[2009.03.29] - Massive image losses due to ImageShack expiration. Migrated "Scar", "Successica", "HF Metropolis" and "Perplex" to Picasa and backed them up. The majority of all other images were lost. Added excerpt from "Yards". Reduced Custom Ink images to two shirts. Updated links. Updated audio player.
[2008.05.19] - "Successica" and "Scar" added to the visual works. With thanks to Kyrie for taking the foto of "Successica"... and to Chadwick for painting it just to remind the rest of us who the real frakking genius is here.

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