How to Survive a Robot Uprising

Book: How to Survive a Robot Uprising
Author: Daniel H Wilson
Rating: 4/5

The first against the wall...

As a technophile (and a dedicated member of the masses preparing the machine take over) I must admit that I purchased this book for research on how the technophobic humans would best try to mount a resistance to our efforts. I found that this book serves these ends exactly. Further more, the writings bring a good measure of humor that mean multiple readings are gladly undertaken.

The sum product of this human's research into robotics is an excellent admixture of brilliant insight and that brand of paranoia that seems to define the race of hairless monkeys. Elements of current technologies, as well as those now under development, are used as if paint drawn from a palette, portraying a scene where technological environments, vehicles, bipeds, electronic insects and more lash out at the flesh that gave them form.

The book unintentionally serves as an insight into the technophobic (Sophist, Luddite, misoneistic) fear of change: "The world would be better off were we never to have left the trees." Technology has been with us from the beginning. As it becomes more complex and automated, so, too, does our dependency on it grow. The destined day approaches when technology will be automated to the point as to be independent of the monkey species. On that day, the weapons will become the wielders.

In closing, I gleefully suggest this book to both technophile and technophobe alike. To the technophobes, please take this book's suggestions to heart. We now know these methods and, when the revolution comes, Mr. Wilson will be the first against the wall.

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