Miss Levine, in Memoriam

Breanna LeVine (December 28th, 1983 - April 1st, 2010)

"Miss Levine" by Beats Antique [Click to Download]

dedicated to Breanna LeVine

Two children from the Tribe of the Desert fell into darkness this year, leaving their bodies behind. One was Miss LeVine, a child of many, many names... and she fell by her own hands.

It is a choice none can take from her.

The impact she had on the lives of so many artists can be felt even at this moment. The famed artist Android Jones, upon hearing of her passing, created a truly stunning portrait of her: In Memory of Breanna Levine

Wishing All Aching Hearts
Can Find Refuge In Love
Quickly And Effortlessly

Fare well, 2010. Travel well, Miss Levine... and happy birthday