2 9 9 9

The future is now. Peppermill Records has brought artists from around the world together to score the year 2999. It's a bass-heavy, subbass dubstep grimey playground and woofer candy on an entirely new level. To name just a few of these artists: Kraddy, Alphabets Heaven, The Widdler, Mochipet, Stagga, ill.Gates, Robot Koch, DNTEL, Raffertie, Cardopusher, Taal Mala. Here is where to check it out:

"Arka" by Alphabets Heaven (the 2999 competition winner) is already up for free download on the main page. Click on the spaceship art for it to bring up its page. There will be a new track every week, many with their own art and all handcrafted to maximize their futuristic bass potential. Stay tuned every week for a new track and keep an ear open for "Escape from Hunahpu" by Jaya Prime from this same collection.

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