The news, movie trailers, infographics... these things provide information. They're meta. A recent trend is on meta-meta (such as lists of lists). In the case of these below, the information uses the very same equation (system, method) used in the meta (the movie trailer is in the movie trailer style, the news is told in the reporting style and the infographic is an infographic). Now if only we could get a pop song that just had lyrics like "I'm a tool and will do anything for money, you like me, so give me your money 'cuz you're worthless." It'll happen.

Note: Because most of these methods actually work, people do not often realize what it is that's doing the working on them. By using a method to explain a method, it is like showing a person the invisible arrow in the FedEx logo. Once they see it, they always see it. Need to get some people to use politics to show the method behind the illusion they're spinning. Onward... enough words...

by Phil Gyford

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