Male Contraception Ready?

Ron Swerdloff and Christina Wang are the two researchers who've published a paper on male hormonal contraception. It's safe, effective and reversible. That's right! Guys will soon be able to pre-abort the little suckers with a pill. It's exciting news that comes just in time for my health insurance to kick in so that I can get a vasectomy instead... but well worth sharing for the other boys who aren't as committed to being non-committed.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published the paper on this study. You mix testosterone and progestin together, shake (not stir), and you end up with two nuts-worth of drunken sperm that are too dosed up on hormones to get off their asses and go egg-hunting. It could be the Last Easter before the Second Coming and they'd be the ones sending IOUs.

Testing and trials on a large scale have yet to begin, so keep searching Google for where you can volunteer. Who can tell if the test is a success unless actual sex is involved? Think about it.

Once testing pushes out a finalized pill to market, the question everyone's asking is: "Are men ready to take on the responsibility of their own birth control?"

My response: "Of course not, but it's about frakking time!"

LINK: Male contraception almost ready. Are men?


Gaea Phoenix QAndromeda said...

...and the question that keeps popping up in my mind:

"How high will STD numbers rise?"

Lamat Kan said...

...hopefully not as far down as the birthrate drops.