The Indestructible Hilux

The Toyota Hilux: This may be the only truck ever given props here on Mall of Me. My friends who've owned a Hilux (aka, Tacoma) had already impressed me with how long they last. My friend Drachimera turned me on to this "Top Gear" special. In this special, the show takes on the task of trying to destroy a single Toyota Hilux.

Sadly, Top Gear turned off embedding of the video last year, so you can't watch it here. And, now, the original video has been made private on YouTube. You can't even watch it there. I was considering killing this post, but it's a favorite stop on Google for some viewers and so I'm modifying it instead.

While you can't check out the original video that kicked off this attempt to kill the Hilux, the videos that are still live from the source at least re-cap all they tried to kill it with up to this point. You really have to see it to believe it:

Killing a Toyota Part 2 (a)

Killing a Toyota Part 2 (b)

- [2010.07.29] - Removed dead video playlist. Updated entry content to reflect current videos available from official source.

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