Neurotically Yours

Neurotically Yours
(or, "The Almighty Church of Foamy")

Production Company: iLL WiLL PreSS
Creator: Jonathan Ian Mathers

I take time out to laugh each morning. It's healthy... and I have a dark sense of humor to sate. One of my stops is iLL WiLL PreSS. Foamy, a true rantmaster, is not a happy squirrel... and he's out to share this unhappiness with his viewers (as well as the human goth chick named Germaine that seems more an unwilling sidekick than a friend or owner).

Some of my favorites... that will be your favorites very soon ;}

[with thanks to Tristan for my introduction]

"Free your mind!"

[2010.07.24] - Added YouTube link and videos and removed original section on psychosis and neurosis.

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